Q: What is the minimum group you will do?

A: Generally it is groups of 10 or more that we like to stay true to because costs just don’t justify and we are not competing with local restaurants.  However, We can do custom menu’s for small groups and if you the needs meet the costs to warrant a special case for smaller groups, we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Q: Are you a full service catering company?

A: We focus always on the food first and leave the rest to our in house special events architect to coordinate special needs for the event between our extensive vendor list for specialties.   These sometimes require rentals and savvy to work special needs for a successful  extraordinary venue.


Q: What is your typical time frame for an event notice?

A: We generally don’t do events less than a 1 week notice as they are extremely difficult to accommodate. If it does come to a cram, the price is much higher in order to work through difficulties for accommodations.

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