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Staff - Culinary Canvas CateringCulinary Canvas Catering


The staff at Culinary Canvas Catering looks forward to servicing you and your culinary needs for private or public events and bringing tasty gourmet cuisine to your gathering!  The staff at Culinary Canvas Catering works hard to create innovative, unique flavors of Italian tradition in many easy flexible options to service your needs.  Here at Culinary Canvas Catering we take flavor seriously and want nothing but quality in our food, customer service, and planning for your special occasion.  The Culinary Canvas Catering staff is like a family and likes to treat their customers as such too; we love to work hard, learn, and have fun while we do it!  Meet the team and learn a little about our backgrounds that makes Culinary Canvas Catering a unique and successful catering business.


Luke Timpe – President

Luke Timpe, President

Luke Timpe is the President and visionary for Culinary Canvas Catering, LLC.  He brings his passion for food and his project management background to the business side to Culinary Canvas Catering.  Luke handles the big picture at Culinary Canvas Catering from networking, creating business proposals, budgeting, and marketing, to even lending a hand in the kitchen on event days with his crew! Many are surprised to find that the business owner of this local catering business often has a hand in many of the signature dishes at culinary canvas.  One of his favorites and a favorite of local customers is the Italian stuffed hot peppers!  “They are amazing!”, Luke says, “You just can’t stop eating them!” Luke grew up among many family cooks and relatives in the food and restaurant industry.  He gained a lot of his valuable catering/restaurant experience through a local Italian Deli/Pizzeria (Sanso’s Italian Deli and Pizzeria, Homer City, PA), an Italian fine dining restaurant (The Grapevine, Indiana, PA), and a family-owned Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria (Luigi’s Ristorante in Clymer, PA).  Here Luke learned everything from cooking techniques, serving, waiting tables, to managing the restaurant and staff. Luke always had a passion for the food industry, but had to work and gain experience on the side while he pursued his college degree at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania for Management Information Technology.  Later, Luke successfully passed his certifications for Project Management Professional. As Luke successfully grew in his career in the IT and project management field for several years, Luke needed a change of scenery.  He moved across country to the state of Arizona with his father in October of 2010.  Luke, pursued his career in IT Project Management and also began work on the development of Culinary Canvas Catering, LLC and opened for business in October 2011. The growth and success of Culinary Canvas Catering has inspired Luke to continue to create further creative events with amazing food and expand it’s growth in different areas.  Luke continues to have a big vision and goals for the growth of this family-owned and operated local business for the future and is excited for what it will bring for Culinary Canvas Catering! “We believe in our products and services; and we believe in our passion!  We hope you enjoy the quality and experience Culinary Canvas Catering brings to you and look forward to working with many of you in the future!”


Rachel Ruebbelke – Culinary Foodie and Food Blogger

Rachel Ruebbelke, Culinary Foodie, Food Blogger

Rachel Ruebbelke is the Culinary Foodie Expert and Food Blogger at Culinary Canvas Catering, LLC.  She works alongside her brother, Luke Timpe (Owner), cooking,  planning menus for events, planning for the business, reviews and edits proposals and website content; as well as handles some of the planning and writing that goes into the business’ blog. Rachel can be found working at hands-on tasks on the week up to an event and day-of the event planning menus, reviewing proposals, giving input to clients and her business partner, as well as shopping for supplies and cooking or baking many of the signature dishes Culinary Canvas offers it’s clients. Rachel is a self-taught cook who grew up in Pennsylvania learning alongside her mother, aunts, and relatives in the family kitchen at home.  She has learned most of her family recipes, traditions, and skills that go into the personal touch Culinary Canvas Catering gives its Italian cuisine from relatives, her mother, and by her own experimentation in her home kitchen.  Her interest in cooking stemmed from a child baking chocolate cookies on the weekends, to helping mom out for special holiday dinners, to then venturing out and trying different techniques and dishes on her own.  She loves to create a menu out of “what’s in the pantry” and come up with simple delicious solutions for everyday ingredients.  Rachel is a cookbook connoisseur and loves to explore the local food scene from local farmer’s markets to local eateries. In Rachel’s free time she is often blogging, reading, cooking, baking, exercising, hiking, or spending time with family or close friends.  Rachel loves to entertain and often has dinners for friends and family at her home in Peoria, AZ where she resides with her husband Lukas, and 2 wonderful joyful sons, Ian and Micah.  “I believe I have a gift for hospitality and bringing a piece of tradition and flavor personal to me and my family and sharing it with loved ones,” says Rachel. Her enjoyment for cooking and hosting is what drew her to partner with her brother in his vision for an Italian catering business.  “Our family loves to cook and we love good food.  If there is anything we could excel at on this earth it would be with food because we love to cook, it’s our passion!  I look forward to seeing how far Culinary Canvas Catering can get and how many people it can touch and give a real Italian food experience to; one they can remember and want to keep coming back for,” she says.




Dustin Clapp – Special Events Chef

Dustin Clapp, Special Events Chef

Dustin Clapp is our special events chef for Culinary Canvas Catering, LLC.  He is professionally trained from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) out of Scottsdale, AZ and has worked at numerous big name food establishments in the Phoenix markets.  Dustin has been privileged to work with amazing Chefs and other Food Service Specialists at all levels.  These events are part of iconic events such as the PGA Tour, in the Phoenix Markets and premier events in Phoenix and California. Dustin is a valuable asset to our Crew and has been a pleasure to have on board our team!


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What are people saying

Amazing Food and Service
Our office used Culinary Canvas for an open house event at our periodontal practice. The food was amazing and the staff was equally as wonderful! Luke went out of his way to create the perfect venue and make our event a success. We would highly recommend Culinary Canvas and will definitely use them again.

- Dr. Kenneth Kimble & The Team

What are people saying

Culinary Canvas catered my wedding rehearsal dinner last summer (2014) and it was BEYOND my expectations! The display of food was beautiful and the food was amazing! All of our guests raved about the food and still do! Luke does a great job helping you with choosing a menu that is delicious and fits within your budget. His service is top notch and it shows when all the details come together and I didn't have to stress! Thank you again Culinary Canvas Catering you made our evening a night to remember!

- Sarah Venable

What are people saying

It was amazing working with you at the WedAZ Launch Party!! The food was amazing and you were GREAT to work with. Can't wait to send business your way!!!

- Morgan McLane

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