Commissioned Sales Manager

Job Description

Catering sales manager targets and coordinates catering sales efforts. The job involves the initiation and development of quality leads to ensure the growth of catering sales.

The primary responsibility of a catering sales manager is to develop existing business clients and solicit new catering business through catering lead generation and catering sales marketing. The sales manager solicits new catering customers through traditional and non-traditional (growth hacking and Digital Marketing) creative marketing sales techniques.

Other important duties include booking, selling, planning, and coordinating all special social events while assuring the highest level of customer service. Generating revenue to meet personal and company goals, establishing new accounts, monitoring booking space, booking repeat business while keeping quality consistently high, conducting catering sales presentations, and catering sales calls also falls under the purview of a catering sales manager job. Creative thinking around sales promo events (Low Cost) but a big impact on catering leads.  Also, very influential in the events industry, a possible member of NICE or equivalent,

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Planning menus with Executive Chefs/Clients
  • Advertising vacancies and recruiting staff as needed
  • Making sure that staff is fully trained
  • Keeping staff motivated to provide the highest standard of service
  • Organizing shifts and rotas
  • Defining Sales Team goals and Commission Structure / Bonus Structure with company management and Chefs.
  • Managing stock control, event/job financial planning, and managing budgets.
  • Organizing Payment Plans and Invoicing
  • Meeting with suppliers and customers for Events
  • Working with Marketing Team to create sales material
  • Working with Management on Promo Events
  • Able to contribute monthly to Social Media and Blog Postings for creating interacting and SM Promotion.
  • Discussing contract requirements with customers, Contract Review,
  • Working with Accounting on Contract Finalizing


  • Proficient in English or Spanish
  • Leadership experience in private affluent home dining, fine dining, or catering services required.
  • Experience in a university setting is preferred
  • Demonstrates strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with Public, Private, and Corporate Catering events preferred.


  • Communication
  • Teamwork Oriented
  • Maintains a Good Energy Level
  • Detail-Oriented, Thorough and Organized
  • Professional
  • Punctual
  • Creative Skills in Presentation and Quality of work
  • Industry Influencer
  • Brand building thinking

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