Culinary Canvas Catering New Venue Location: Desert Botanical Garden – Select List

We are so excited to announce that Desert Botanical Garden has approved Culinary Canvas Catering to be on their Select List of Catering Companies approved to use the garden for events in 2015/2016.   This is an amazing opportunity to offer our clients a very desirable venue location while we provide our clients with exceptional cuisine and outstanding service.  We are so excited about this opportunity we are giving a $250.00 off their catering bill for any client that holds an event through Desert Botanical Garden and refers us as the Catering Company that they want for their catering services.  Please contact us First for details on how to take advantage of this, offer before you call Desert Botanical Garden.

Website Info: About Desert Botanical Garden,

For more than 70 years, the Desert Botanical Garden has been teaching and inspiring visitors from the local community and around the world, providing research, exhibits and more designed to help us understand, protect and preserve the desert’s natural beauty. Today, the Garden features:

  • 140 acres
  • 55 acres under cultivation
  • 50,000+ plant displays showcased in beautiful outdoor exhibits
  • 1 of only 24 botanical gardens accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (formerly American Association of Museums)
  • 821 volunteers
  • 66,075 volunteer hours
  • 107 regular staff members
  • 633,041 attendees each year
  • 40,544 member households
  • 31,120 school children on guided field trips

Partial funding provided by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture through appropriations from the Phoenix City Council.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


The Garden’s commitment to the community is to advance excellence in education, research, exhibition and conservation of desert plants of the world with emphasis on the Southwestern United States. We will ensure that the Garden is always a compelling attraction that brings to life the many wonders of the desert. (Articles of Incorporation, 1937; Amended 2002)


The Garden’s future plans to fulfill its mission are embodied in its vision statement:

“The Garden’s vision is to be the premier center in the world for the display, study and understanding of desert plants and their environments. The Garden strives to be an indispensable resource in the Southwestern United States for helping individuals learn about Sonoran Desert Plants as well as desert plants of the world, so that they will conserve and protect the natural world for the benefit of future generations. Every element of the Garden will reflect excellence, beauty and inspiration to transform the visitor experience into one of discovery and meaning about deserts and desert plants.”


  • Stewardship: To protect and preserve desert plants, animals , and habitats.
  • Interdependence: To respect the mutual destinies that link people, plants, and all of nature.
  • Authenticity: to reflect our unique natural heritage and cultural history within a public garden setting.
  • Accountability: To act ethically and responsibly as we serve our many communities.


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