Culinary Canvas Holiday Showcase

Written by Joanna on Sunday, 18 November 2012. Posted in Recommended Vendors


Culinary Canvas invited us to be part of their Holiday Showcase event.  We walked away from the party with a few shots of the food and an addiction to Bacon Wrapped Honey Glazed Shrimp and Ganoche in Vodka sauce.  We horded our little gift baggies of yummy biscotti and super moist pumpkin rolls – I confess to being super reluctant to share!!  I’m also embarrassed to say I’m not a foodie and failed to recognize several flavors without reading the little identifying cards.

Despite my culinary failings, I’m still being entrusted with the Thanksgiving dinner.  This weekend enjoy your meals, but if you burn the turkey or walk away from the table less then satisfied, maybe for Christmas or New Years, Culinary Canvas can rescue your party!  Check out their website at or read our interview with Rachel and Luke here.

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