Wedding Food

3 days of Wedding Food

The Night before the Wedding – Rehearsal Dinner:
The Rehearsal Dinner, usually 20 – 40 people at most, that is focused on bridal and broom wedding party and their family of each side.  Usually a nice restaurant or at a private home location that is done very formal for everyone (Customer usually do the private dinner at a home or favorite restaurant) Prices Vary for private home rehearsal dinner.
Price Range: $$ – $$$$
Day of the Wedding:
Wedding Day Brunch (Depending on time of Festivities):
Light breakfast depending on time of wedding and designed for energy and lasting prior to wedding activities.. This can be done at a home or location of choosing to accommodate a select group or different groups and different locations to take care of guests… This sometimes is needed if staying in homes and people just need to get focused on getting ready, we would take on the responsibility of getting food ready for everyone.
Price Range: $ – $$
Getting Ready Snack/Lunch:
This is light Lunch items that are necessary to be dropped off for your bridal party / grooms men.  Will need dropped of in many places to help get the stuff done
Price Range: $ – $$
Cocktail Hour / Pre-Dinner (Guest Arrive) Hors D’Oeuvres:
Usually done for guest as the transition from the wedding ceremony has ended and people arrive at the location for the reception.   This is usually a 1 – 2 hour window before the meal starts for the main event at the reception.   Usually light eating and simple stuff to hold everyone over until the main meal comes…. Drinks would be served at this time as well or open bar…
Price Range: $$ – $$$
Reception Dinner:
This is the main event and usually in a structured format from a plated meal and timed to just buffet style to whatever everyone wants and at their pace.    Prices can vary based on your selection that is made to remember a special time with friends and family to celebrate your special day. A Custom Menu will be designed for every event.   We have a list of menu choices that you can choose from or have special recipe that is in the family that you would like to have made for your guests (We can do anything you think of and do it much better than you remember)
Price Range: $$ – $$$$
Dessert Table / Wedding Cake Cutting Ceremony:
This is usually after everyone has finished eating and have settled down to digest food after about an hour dinner has ended)   Dessert is usually taken from the cake ceremony and given to the guests (Coffee is served at this time)
Price Range: $$ – $$$$

(Optional) Energy Foods / Celebration Treats:
This is usually after dinner and throughout the cake cutting Ceremony and after people have been celebrating after a while.   This will be light treats… usually like flatbreads, dips, veggie trays and meat trays with crackers, Macaroni Cheese, Bread Pizza etc.    These are just to give back energy to the people and if kids are present they are to hold them over.
Price Range: $ – $$
Day After Brunch:
Newly Wed Brunch – First Family Meal
This is usually a brunch for the wedding party and the families to come together as a family for the first time as a married couple.   This sometimes is a shared cost between both heads of the family and sometimes involves the new married couple or sometimes not depending on the honeymoon plans.
Price Range: $$ – $$$$

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